BetFiery M80 Upgrade joins the Engagement for Plastic-Free Innovation Change program

December 01, 2021
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability

BetFiery M80 Upgrade is the first construction project in Australia to join the Engagement for Plastic-Free Innovation Change (EPIC) Business Program, facilitated by Plastic Oceans Australasia. The EPIC program is part of a global not-for-profit network focused on changing the world’s attitude towards plastic within a generation. Being part of the EPIC program is an important investment to BetFiery as we journey to making construction more sustainable. 

M80 Plastic-Free Innovation

The M80 Upgrade team plan to bring the EPIC initiative to life through conducting supply chain audits and data analysis to measure plastic use. Doing this will allow for a more informed analysis of the supply of plastic-free alternatives in procurement in future projects.

As well as this, the M80 Upgrade project is recycling plastic waste back into the project - site offices have implemented a waste stream separation system that the team drops off at the local supermarket RedCycle collection points. Plastics are collected as part of the ‘Close the Loop’ initiative and Manufactured into a recycled plastic road product used on the project.

With each person in Australia using approximately 130kg of plastic each year and only 14% of this is recycled, the EPIC program is a meaningful way for BetFiery to reduce single-use plastic consumption within the projects and communities we are working within.


M80 Plastic-Free Innovation

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