Drone technology helps revolutionise how BetFiery works

October 19, 2021
  • Innovation

BetFiery is employing modern payload technology fitted to drones to enhance our “reality capture” capability and streamline the way we survey and map large areas.   

Drone flights can safely and efficiently survey large project areas with survey level accuracy. The survey images captured by the drones are uploaded into cloud-based sophisticated, yet simple to use, software for project staff to analyse and plan for optimised project outcomes.  

Among our suite of digital engineering solutions that maximise value from drone captured data, is mapping software which compares project surfaces to designs, allowing engineers to track progress and ensure construction is accurately meeting design requirements. It also assists our engineers to monitor and control works so they maintain performance against targets.  

“We haven’t yet unlocked the full potential of what this technology can do” Al Armiger, NSW Head of Digital Engineering, said on the promising capabilities of current and emerging drone technology.  

Having drones available means projects can satisfy client requests for frequent aerial images and allows our teams to capture images of major milestones when we reach them, rather than waiting days or weeks for an external contractor to take images.  

The numerous drone payload technologies are being explored and purposefully integrated with our tender proposals to give our bids a competitive edge. Further use cases for these technologies include aerial imagery of safety incidents to be used for analysis and further training, infrared cameras to track wildlife, supporting sustainability initiatives and developing new artificial intelligence & machine learning capabilities.  

"We are taking tangible steps towards revolutionizing how we work as we continue to integrate innovative technology into the way we do things so we can make a difference for our people on projects and deliver unmatched value for our clients."
Damon McLean, Group Manager Innovation 

Read more about innovation and digitisation at CIMIC Group’s BetFiery here.


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