Leaving positive environmental legacies

We understand that effective environmental management is an ethical and commercial imperative. 

Whether delivering city-shaping projects or supporting the growth of regional areas, we are committed to sustaining the environments where we operate.

Our environmental plans are developed at the planning phase of each project and enacted throughout the project lifecycle to help preserve and protect the environment.

We analyse the environmental footprint of our operations and identify how we can lessen any impacts, including recycling and reusing waste materials, reducing carbon emissions, protecting flora and fauna, monitoring waterways, and revegetating affected areas to regenerate ecosystems.   

Our environmental commitments include:

  • Taking accountability for our environmental performance and conducting audits and reviews towards continuous improvement.
  • Leading by example and engaging with industry, clients and regulators to innovate, share, learn and inspire.
  • Embedding environmental procedures in our company‚Äôs management system, meaning anyone within our organisation can easily access and utilise a comprehensive set of procedures, tools, in-field guides and toolbox presentations. 
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